Which power bank to choose for travel?


The weather is getting hotter and more sunny, so it is worth taking advantage of those hot summer days and leaving the city. Forest, mountain or sea excursions have become very popular recently. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city is definitely a good idea. Think about the right preparation for the trip. Apart from water, food, and comfortable shoes, don’t forget the power bank.

Heavy use of the phone and camera throughout the day means the battery drains very quickly. Therefore, there should be a power bank in every traveler’s backpack. The problem lies in choosing the right model – what should you watch out for? Which capacity is best for you, which model supports fast charging? We have created a ranking list for you that will help you resolve those doubts and make the right choice.

Power banks with a capacity of 10,000 mAh

The most common power supply capacity of power banks in the market is 10,000mAh. In most cases, it is enough to charge 2-3 smartphones (the way to calculate battery life can be found in this article), so it is recommended for short day trips. Models with this ability are quite compact – you can easily hide some in your pocket.

As you can see, the selection of power banks is quite wide. So what should be considered? You absolutely need to be aware of the weight of the device – after all, you will be carrying it with you all the time. In this regard, the Green Cell products – PRIME and PowerPlay10 – are the best. These are the only ones that weigh less than 200 g. Another parameter is the number of available load connections. If you are going on a solo trip and want to supply a device with electricity, the already mentioned BONUS is sufficient. However, with more travelers, it will be more useful to have three charging ports.

We now turn to the actual load. The vast majority of smartphones available in the market already support various fast charging technologies. These allow you to recharge your battery immediately and continue your travel adventure. The most popular technologies are Ultra Charge, Quick Charge 3.0, and Power Delivery. Some models (like the RDY PB139) offer standard wireless power Which. It is therefore interesting to know the charging options of your phone in order to fully exploit the charging potential.

However, if you don’t need a quick charge, we also have some low-cost products in our range, like the RDY brand you just mentioned. The RDY PB136 power bank, which has two charging ports, is definitely the cheapest.

In our opinion, which external battery is the best? We choose the PowerPlay10 model . Not only is it the lightest, but it also has 3 ports which fully support super-fast charging technology. You will find everything in an elegant and stable case. So it’s the best choice for a quick trip?

Power banks with a capacity of 20,000 mAh

The next capacity category includes 20,000mAh power banks. These devices are suitable for long journeys, where access to the outlet is very limited.

With power banks with a capacity of 20,000 mAh, the weight of the device is even more important. The vast majority of models weigh around 400 grams. Once again, the announced model of Green Cell – PowerPlay20 is unmatched. A few words on this subject.

If you have a lot more capacity available, pay attention to the number of connections available and the possibility of fast charging. Because if you need to charge multiple phones with your whole family while traveling, it’s worth doing it at the same time. The RDY PB140 external battery , which is the only one with high capacity, offers the possibility of wireless recharging.

We have already mentioned the latest power bank – PowerPlay20 . In addition to the already mentioned low weight (only 341g!), It offers up to three fast charging connections – two supporting Ultra Charge standards and an 18W power supply. As with the smaller version, the enormous performance of the device were housed in a robust housing with a very elegant design.

Green Cell Powerbank 30,000 mAh

There is another model in our range designed for the most demanding travelers. This is the Green Cell external battery with an impressive capacity of up to 30,000mAh. Such a large reserve of energy is easily sufficient for a trip of several days. There are 2 charging ports available, one of which supports Quick Charge 3.0. Despite its capacity, the manufacturer managed to achieve a relatively low weight – 570 grams. This external battery is easy to put in a bag or backpack and will always protect your devices from premature discharge.


In our offer, you will find a very wide range of products adapted to the needs of each traveler. You will find power banks with different capacities and prices with us, so that you will certainly not run out of phone batteries during the trip. If you still have doubts, we recommend that you contact our customer service.

Remember to prepare well before your trip. We wish you a safe journey and a lot of fun!