Mophie Powerstation Mini review: an efficient small-format battery


Far from the monstrous capacities of 10 000 mAh and more, Mophie also builds batteries of smaller format, more intended for city dwellers who need a “boost” at the end of the day than for backpackers. The Powerstation Mini, as the name suggests, is one of them and, let’s face it, does its job pretty well.


Smaller capacity in the Mophie catalog, the Powerstation Mini occupies a buoyant segment in the age of smartphones with a little short autonomy. This segment is that of the compact battery that can be easily transported in a bag or pocket. This battery therefore promises a theoretical capacity of 3000 mAh, or ” 12 hours of additional autonomy on a smartphone ” according to Mophie.

The Powerstation Mini is sold for around 35 $ in all the good dairies on the web. It is available in many colors and always accompanied by a micro “USB cable.


As Mophie is used to it, the features of the Powerstation Mini lean more towards “sober and efficient” than towards originality at all costs. We therefore have in hand a brick whose size is quite comparable to that of a 3.5-inch mobile. If its 96 grams seem a bit heavy for its capacity (the PBN30 from Aukey or the PB3R from Amazon weigh 84 and 70 grams respectively for equal or greater capacities), it still knows how to be sufficiently discreet once slipped in. a trouser pocket or bag.

This little overweight is explained by Mophie’s choice to opt for an aluminum shell, admittedly a little heavier than plastic, but also a little more elegant. As always with Mophie, the finishes are clean, the plastic band joining the two sides shows no light and no squeaking is to be declared. Everything is uncluttered, with just the logo of the brand on one side and the technical indications on the other. The charging port, the charge indication LEDs and the single USB port are located on the edge, as usual.


So far, all the Mophie batteries passed in our lab have had the very good taste to offer real capacities greater than those expected. The Powerstation Mini therefore has a legacy to assume. Once the 3000 mAh in 3.7 V converted into 4.7 V (value corresponding to our test protocol), it is therefore necessary to count on 2362 mAh of theoretical capacity. Good news, the Mini holds the reputation of the rest of the family and offered 2482mAh in our test, a positive difference of just over 5%. That’s less than the 8% of Mophie’s highest capacity batteries, but it’s still appreciable. 

This charges an iPhone 6S 1.5 times , a Galaxy S6 once, an LG G4 0.8 times and an iPad Air 2 0.3 times . Note that it is possible to charge the battery and a mobile connected to it simultaneously. We would still have liked to have 2 USB ports rather than just one.

Unfortunately, the battery does not appear to be compatible with fast charging. Despite the 5 V / 2.1 A advertised, the accessory never delivered more than 1.5 A in 5 V during our tests. Not sufficient for most fast charge standards therefore. Finally, the full charge of the Mophie Powerstation Mini takes about 4 to 5 hours; a good average time. 

Points forts

  • Successful design and finishes.
  • Higher capacity than advertised.

Weak points

  • No fast charging.
  • A single USB port.